Laurence Harris

Family History & Genealogy Research Services


Laurence Harris is a professional genealogist specialising in family history research of Jews who lived in the UK



Tracing ancestors and living relatives
Producing family history books and family trees (often as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions)
Genealogy Coaching - helping you to find your ancestors
Advising on the use of DNA testing to help confirm family links
Heir tracing

Specialist Areas

Anglo-Jewish genealogical research from 1700
UK including England, Wales and Scotland
London and, in particular, the Jews of the City and East End
Jewish immigrations and emigration (including researching those who passed through the UK en route from Eastern Europe to the USA, Canada, Australia and other destinations)

Why use a Professional Researcher?

You may consider using a professional family history researcher such as myself if:

Knowledge of Jewish records, customs, naming conventions and Hebrew language is important for your research
You do not have the time available to undertake the research yourself
A personal visit to the libraries and archives that need searching is not practical (often due to distance or time constraints)
Detailed knowledge of the geographical location, local history, and appropriate records and resources is needed
You have reached a "brick wall" with your research and are looking for fresh ideas or alternative approaches


Professional genealogical researcher (since 2004)
Genealogical Enquiries Officer of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (2006-2008)
Detailed knowledge of Anglo-Jewish records (both religious and civil)  and specialist Anglo-Jewish collections including the Hyamson, Mordy and D'Arcy Hart collections
Knowledge of the major UK Jewish communities including London, Leeds and Manchester
Speaker on Anglo-Jewish genealogy topics at genealogy conferences
Several articles published in genealogical journals (including Avotaynu and Shemot) relating to Anglo-Jewish genealogy


As I live near London, I personally research at many key archives including:
National Archives at Kew
London Metropolitan Archives
Library of the Society of Genealogists (including their specialist Anglo-Jewish genealogy collections)
Library of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain
Guildhall Library (mainly for City of London and insurance records)
Family History Library, South Kensington (which holds many Anglo-Jewish microfilms)
British Library
Bishopsgate Institute Library
Local archives

Where research is required at locations outside of London and Southern England, or in locations overseas then, depending on the nature of the research required, I either travel to the local archive or I engage a researcher from a worldwide network of experienced local researchers that I have built up over the past five years.


Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG).
Former Member of the User Advisory Group of the National Archives (formerly known as Public Record Office).
Member of the Council of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB).
Member of the Society of Genealogists.


An estimate of fees is always provided free of charge prior to commencing any assignment.


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